Reference Standards

Reference Standards : A reference standard is a substance prepared for use as the standard in an assay, identification, or purity test and should have a quality appropriate for its use.

Reference Standart Product

We proudly announce our support for the environment industries with reference standards of soil, air, climate, water, wastewater and effluents to help them ensure that your results are reliable and fit for purpose.

Pharmaceutical Reference Standards

A pharmaceutical reference standard is a highly characterized material suitable to test the identity, strength, quality and purity of substances for pharmaceutical use and medicinal products.

Types of Reference Standards in Pharmaceutical Parlance:

  1. Primary Reference Standards
  2. Pharmacopeial Reference Standards
  3. Secondary Reference Standards
  4. Impurity Reference Standard

Agro-Chemical Standards

We offer a comprehensive range of these standards which includes Fertilizers, Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides and Bactericides. Specialized testing products are available to cater the needs of agricultural products analysts.

Green Standards

We are specialized manufacturer of PHYTOCHEMICALS. We leverage extensive experience of our phytochemists in the field of plant raw materials, profound knowledge of phytochemistry and innovative approach to scientific tasks, state of art facility and instruments for isolating bioactive Phytochemicals from different medicinal plants makes

Food and Beverages Standards

We understand that when it comes to determining food’s nutritional value, safety and quality matters. We proudly offer comprehensive range of high-quality products and reliable testing solutions in helping you to deliver accurate results in order to keep food safe along with meeting the regulatory requirements.


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