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Instruments Product

Liofilchem® Giotto 2

Automated reader of Liofilchem® Systems for identification and susceptibility testing

Convenient, Fast and Easy to Use

Giotto 2 is an automated reader of Liofilchem’s Systems designed for microbial identification and susceptibility testing. The instrument uses color digital imaging for reading and interpreting the colorimetric reactions resulting on Liofilchem’s Systems after incubation. A personal computer integrated with the images capturing system allows a complete management of data along with electronic recording of results and HD photos. Customizable result reports are created in PDF format. The software is easy to update and equipped with remote assistance service via the internet.

Liofilchem provides a wide range of Systems for screening, ID and AST intended for either clinical microbial laboratories or Industries. Giotto 2 can be used with all kind of Liofilchem’s Systems. Contact the manufacturer or the local representative for reading a System which is not configured with the instrument yet.


  • Automatic reading and interpretation of Liofilchem®
  • ID and AST systems.
  • Ideal for clinical and industrial microbiology lab.
  • Color digital imaging technology.
  • Electronic archive of test results and images.
  • Automatic updates by built-in internet connection.
  • Remote technical assistance.
  • Compact format.

Analysis in 3 quick steps:

  1. Select the Liofilchem® ID/AST system.
  2. Enter the sample data.
  3. Read. The user reviews and confirms, or can adjust any results.

Save, print out and browse results

  • Automatic save of images and results of performed analysis.
  • Print out the test results or send by e-mail.
  • Recall data by test code, patient name, microorganism or
    other criteria.


Agar Filler

From small semi-automatic bench top units, unique carrousel solutions with safety Petri-Racks, up to linear high throughput dish filling solutions. BioTool offers the widest Range of Petri Dish filling solutions designed to match your individual requirements

Agar Preparator

BenchTop Agar Sterilizer for increased filling productivity. Short process times of only 60-90 Minutes are achievable due to the new heating system and the inbuilt heat exchanger for fast cool down cycles. Complete system with all components situated in the compact and easy to clean metal housing. The quick lock cover system and transparent safety hood offer easiest operator access. 2 size models for 1-10 and 1-15l ready made Agar available.

Kinetic Incubating Microplate Reader

1. Product information

Kinetic Incubating Microplate Reader Elx808IULALXH is a multifunctional kinetic reader designed for bacterial endotoxin assay, fungi (1,3)-ß-D-glucan assay and ELISA assays. The reader is a highly accurate, easy to use instrument for kinetic turbidimetric LAL assay, kinetic chromogenic LAL test and endpoint chromogenic LAL assay.  Compare to kinetic incubating tube reader, the microplate reader is more efficient and is possible to be scaled up to automatic performance.

2. Instrumental parameters

  1. Wavelength range of 340-900nm, suitable for ultraviolet and visible light detection.
  2. 6 filter wheel, standard configuration with 5 filters (340, 405, 450, 540 and 630nm).
  3. Temperature control range: room temperature+5℃ to 50℃
  4. Standard curve linear correlation coefficient: |r|≥0.99
  5. Assay repeatability: CV≤5%
  6. 96 tests per plate

3.  Application range:

  • Bacterial endotoxin (pyrogen) assay of drugs, vaccines, Water for Injection medical devices, infusion, transfusion related devices dialysate, dialysis water endotoxin testing cell suspension, cell culture media, cell culture related products recombinant protein, nucleic acid and other molecular biological products
  • Endotoxin level monitoring during production: pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediate products, end product endotoxin daily monitoring.
  • Clinical diagnostic of sepsis and invasive fungi disease: plasma, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid endotoxin and (1,3)-beta-D-glucan detection.

4. Ordering information

Catalog Number Description
KPR808 BioTek kinetic incubating microplate   reader Elx808IULALXH for Endotoxin and ß-glucan detection


5. Product qualification

6. Endotoxin an(1,3)D-glucan assay software

EndoMasterTM endotoxin and  (1,3)-ß-D-glucan professional analysis software is a powerful kinetic data analysis software, which gives the user data acquisition and processing of the maximum flexibility.


  1. Apply to Endotoxin assay, (1,3)-ß-D-glucan assay and ELISA data analysis
  2. With standard version and clinical diagnostic version for the different user groups.
  3. Data could be output transitions and connected to the LIS system.
  4. Customized endotoxin test reports.
  5. Data analyzed by onset time, average rate, maximum rate and other methods.
  6. Data linear fitting or polynomial fitting.
  7. Real-time backup of the original data read.
  8. Integration of variety of kinetic microplate readers.


7. Ordering information

Catalog Number Description
Gen 5 Gen5 software for BioTek ELx808IULALXH
SGen5S Gen5 Secure software for BioTek ELx808IULALXH
EM01 Endotoxin and (1,3)-ß-D-glucan assay software EndoMaster

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